Bike Repair Stations

Use the new Bike Fixtation Public Work Stands to make simple bike repairs, such as tire inflation, while on campus. The self-service stations, made by Bike Fixtation, are equipped with basic maintenance tools such as an air pump, screwdrivers, wrenches, tire levers, and a hex key set. The upper part of the station allows for bikes to be hung by seat or top tube during repair. Scan the QR code on the stand to view repair instructions or go to

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  • School of Medicine, 333 Cedar Street: walking towards York Street from the main entrance of Sterling Hall of Medicine, on the right as you enter the covered area
  • Payne Whitney Gym, 70 Tower Parkway, to the right of the main doors
  • Divinity School, 409 Prospect Street: Behind the library & chapel, facing the park on St. Ronan Street
  • More locations coming soon!

School of Medicine

Payne Whitney Gym

Divinity School

In addition, the City of New Haven has installed bike self repair stations at the following locations:

  • Union Station, 50 Union Avenue
  • Ella B. Scantlebury Playground, off of the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail at Ashmun Street
  • Department of Parks, Recreation, and Trees Office, 720 Edgewood Avenue (corner of Edgewood and Yale)
  • East Rock College Woods Park Ranger Station, near the corner of Orange and Cold Spring Streets