Benefits of Carpooling or Vanpooling

Yale commuters who share the ride to work can:

Looking for a carpool or vanpool partner?

The university has partnered with NuRide to help Yale community members find each other. NuRide rewards their active members with gift certificates and coupons to a huge selection of retailers and services. View the video below to see how NuRide works:

You can also find a partner through the Yale Classifieds. Go to the Yale Classifieds and click on “Submit an Ad” on the right hand side of the page. The dropdown menu under “Classified Type” allows you to select “Carpool.” Be sure to enter your starting address (or closest intersection), campus destination, and work schedule.


  • Determine if you’re eligible
  • Download and complete either a 2-person or 3+ person rideshare application form to register a carpool with Yale’s Transportation Options Office and then email to parking@yale.edu.
  • You will be contacted within 5 business days after receipt of your application. It may take up to a month for the resulting payroll deduction change to be reflected in your paycheck.


  • The carpool parking discount is based on the number of passengers in the vehicle. Two people save 50% each, three people save 67% each, etc. See rates here. PLUS, each carpool receives six free one-day parking permits per month to use on days when carpooling isn’t possible. The primary carpooler receives unlimited garage access, each additional carpooler receives their free stays loaded on an access card or ID. Click here for more information.


Carpools are allowed within Yale owned lots and garages only.  All carpool applications will be reviewed on a case by case basis and lot assignments will be determined by the parking office.  Every effort will be made to assign you to the lot of your preference. 

Participation Requirements

  • All members of a carpool will commit to carpooling for their commute every day with the exception of the days they use their free one-day permits.
  • Regular full-time and part-time Yale employees, who receive a Yale paycheck are eligible for participation in the carpool benefit. Casual Employees are NOT eligible for this benefit.
  • Carpools must make directional sense. You must live outside of the Yale Shuttle boundary (white area on the map) to be eligible for discounted parking.


Should any member of a carpool cancel their participation, it is the responsibility of each remaining member to contact the Parking Office to cancel their carpool or provide the information of replacement member(s). Any member(s) who fail to do this will be responsible for back payment of the full cost of their parking permit(s).

Try it! Make the commitment as long as it works for you. You may terminate the carpool at any time and every effort will be made to assign you to the lot of your preference. Remember, you will return to paying full price for your annual parking permit once your carpool is terminated.


Vanpools with three or more Yale employees park for FREE on campus. Vanpooling is a cost effective alternative for your daily commute, since vanpool members share the cost of the commute. You can enjoy the convenience of sharing a ride to work with others.

If you can’t vanpool everyday, don’t worry! You will receive six free one-day parking stays per van per month for those days when sharing the ride isn’t possible. In emergencies, you can take advantage of our FREE Guaranteed Ride Home program.

Find a vanpool here (or propose a new one). If you do not see a convenient origin/destination pairing listed, please contact vRide at 1-800-VAN RIDE (826-7433).

You can ride most vanpools on a full-time or occasional basis, whichever fits your schedule. Full-time passengers have reserved seats and ride on a month-to-month basis. Occasional passengers ride on a space-available basis and pay a set fee per trip. And if you’re the driver, you get free use of the van after-hours! 


  • Download and complete a 3+ person rideshare application form to register a vanpool with Yale’s Transportation Options Office and fax the completed form to 203-432-5913.
  • You will be contacted within 5 business days after receipt of your application. It may take up to a month for the resulting payroll deduction change to be reflected in your paycheck.

Save Money

Enroll in Yale’s Online Commuter Benefits program to pay for your vanpooling expenses with tax-free dollars.

How does vanpooling work?

Drivers are responsible for:

  • picking up and dropping off passengers at designated site(s)
  • collecting monthly payments from passengers to cover monthly expenses
  • filling the gas tank (before passengers are picked up)
  • keeping the van clean
  • arranging for free maintenance

Drivers are rewarded by:

  • usually riding free
  • receiving personal use of the van on evenings and weekends
  • having free insurance and maintenance coverage
  • sustaining less wear & tear on personal automobiles

Riders are responsible for:

  • paying on time
  • arriving at pre-arranged pick-up sites on time
  • giving a 30-day notice if leaving the vanpool
  • helping to recruit new passengers for the vanpool

Riders are rewarded by:

  • being able to read the paper, sleep, daydream or socialize with new friends during the daily commute
  • parking for FREE on campus
  • enjoying a stress-free commute
  • potentially reducing personal auto insurance premiums
  • sustaining less wear & tear on personal automobiles