“Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.” - Steven Wright

Benefits of Walking

Yale commuters who walk to work can:

  • leave the traffic jams and gas pumps behind
  • burn carbs, not carbon
  • log walking trips in Nuride to earn restaurant coupons, local retailer discounts, and tickets to shows and attractions

Discover a whole new side of New Haven. Enjoy the sun. See the streets come alive. Visit one of New Haven’s many restaurants or coffee shops. You’ll soon be asking yourself why you haven’t done it before. It’s better (and safer) if you walk with friends and share the experience.

If you ever need to walk somewhere in the darkness of early morning or late night, and can’t find someone to walk with you, please consider calling the “2-Walk” security escort service to get you there safely.

Walking Resources

Campus Proximity Map

Click on the map to the right for an enlarged image. If you live within the center circle above you can walk to the center of Yale in 15 minutes. If you live within the outer circle, you can bike in 15 minutes. It is often faster and easier to predict your trip’s duration if you walk or bike, relative to driving a car.

Need to Report a Sidewalk Hazard?

Visit this innovative reporting tool developed by a New Haven resident: SeeClickFix. Use a Google map application to report the location of broken sidewalks, malfunctioning walk signals or even the lack of needed safety infrastructure that supports walkers. Data is sent to the appropriate city department and you can track progress on your report.