Let’s goNewHavengo again!

July 26, 2016

Every September goNewHavengo hosts the CarFree Challenge, a contest for businesses and individuals to see who can use their cars the least and travel sustainably the most. Last year, Yale won a prize for “the most transportation emissions prevented by a large business.”  Yale employees cut an astounding 84,660 lbs. of CO2 emissions (that’s 42.33 TONS!).

SIGN UP NOW for the 2016 CarFree Challenge so you can keep New Haven going towards a healthier, more sustainable future–all while winning rewards through CTrides Commuter Rewards and becoming eligible for goNHgo contest prizes. If you participated last year and want to participate again, you must sign up for the 2016 contest.

Yale parkers may suspend their parking for the month (or up to six months) in order to try out a new, sustainable commute, risk-free. Learn more.

Get more friends, colleagues, and organizations involved in goNHgo by using the new social media toolkit to spread the word. You can also increase goNHgo’s impact by taking a short alternative transportation survey and sharing it with other New Haven residents and commuters.

Check out the CarFree Challenge webpage for more information on how to participate and win prizes!