Yale EHS and Traffic Safety Committee Launch Pedestrian Safety Campaign

April 5, 2016

Launch Event Wednesday, April 6

Pedestrian fatalities account for 12 percent of all motor vehicle crash fatalities. On average, one pedestrian is injured every eight minutes and killed approximately every two hours in the United States.

On Wednesday, April 6th from 9:00 am-12:00 pm, members of the Yale Traffic Safety Committee, Yale Police Department and Environmental Health and Safety staff will be in the area of College and Grove Streets to raise awareness about pedestrian safety, including the use of digital devices while walking. In the event of inclement weather, the event will be held on Friday, April 8th from 9:00 am-12:00 pm.

They will be asking students and members of the Yale Community to sign a pledge promising not to text and walk and to ensure others do the same. If you are in the area, please stop by and sign the pledge.

Safety Tips
There are many laws and regulations regarding pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic. Most of these laws are simple and require only common sense. Use the following ‘good sense’ rules when walking:

  • Cross the street at marked crosswalks.
  • Stop and look for traffic in all directions before crossing the street.
  • Pay attention to the “Walk” signals – never cross on a solid or flashing “Don’t Walk.”
  • Walk facing traffic when there are no sidewalks.
  • Walk, don’t run. Running or darting into the street increases the danger that motorists will not see you or will not be able to stop in time.
  • When using headphones, keep the volume low enough to be able to hear surrounding traffic.
  • If you find it necessary to make or take a call or send a text while walking, stop, step out of the flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic and resume walking only when the task is completed.
  • Stay focused on the people, objects and obstacles in front of and around you. Look ahead of you, not down, when stepping on or off a curb
  • Stay alert to vehicles pulling in or out of parking lots, especially in winter months when it gets dark early.
  • If walking or jogging at night, dress to be seen. Use a flashlight and wear reflective clothing.
  • Familiarize yourself with and use the walking escort program. Dial “2-WALK” (2-9255) from any campus phone or use the night shuttle service: http://to.yale.edu/nighttime-routes

Remember, look once, look twice and look three times before you cross. Drivers don’t always obey the “No turn on red” signs or stop during the yellow light. Make yourself visible when you are approaching an intersection. Make eye contact with the driver as you cross in the crosswalk.

EHS and the Yale Traffic Safety Committee would like to remind the Yale Community to ‘share the road’ and be aware, whether you are on the street, sidewalk or shared paths on the Yale Campus and in the City of New Haven, whether you are a pedestrian, cyclist or driver. Each of us should practice good safety sense and be alert and not distracted, whether we walk, bike or drive.