Yale Parking - Lot 51 (Hendrie Hall) Closing for 18 Months Beginning in February 2015

January 15, 2015

Beginning in February, a planned construction project will have a major impact on Lot 51 (the parking lot at Hendrie Hall). This project will last for approximately 18 months. During this period, only a very small percentage of the individuals who are regularly assigned to this lot will be able to continue parking there. Everyone else will be reassigned to the Grove Street Garage.

Before construction can begin, protective fencing needs to be installed.  This activity will temporarily disrupt the entire parking lot for about a week.  That first week the Yale Parking Office will assign everyone using lot 51 to the Grove Street Garage.  Throughout the entire construction phase, Lot 51 will not be open to the public on evenings and/or weekends.

The Yale Parking Office will communicate all parking assignments and reassignments beginning the week of January 19th. Included in the communication will be instructions for obtaining access to the Grove Street Garage.

Thank you for your patience during this time.